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iMiner api: Some of the benefits of using the iMiner web service (purely for agents)

IMMiner Web Services are all HTTP based so you can easily use Web Services in any environment.
IMiner web services allow you to deploy your service in environments such as websites, mobile applications, social networking bots, and more.
Ability to remove iMiner brand in all services.
Currency exchange web services are free and do not require authentication.
All web services are loaded in the cloud and IT professionals are constantly striving to keep their response rates down.
The Sandbox or Sandbox test environment is supported by net test-based currencies.
Before you start, consider the following:
The basic address of all web services is
All web services are JSON based. So pay attention to this when calling web services and sending information.
Developers can use the net test to test their communication and payment logic.
Time Zone All time units are proportional to the acceptor settings in the user panel. The default time zone is UTC.
Currently all notifications are processed by webhooks so it is recommended that you make your website SSL-enabled. Once another method of sending and receiving notifications has been added, the use of webhooks will only be subject to SSL at the receiver.
The signature or signature of the recipient is confidential. Do not share your website with any users.
All payments are due to expire due to fluctuations in the value of digital currencies. This means that the user must make a transaction within a specified time, the default value of this time is now 15 minutes, which you can change through the web issue service for up to 2 days. If this time expires, the payment will be automatically canceled and if a transaction is seen on the network after this time, it will be processed as a normal deposit.
The URLs provided in the issue web service are not necessarily unique. The addresses provided in the payments have either been created new or have been reused from old ones (at least 7 days after they were created). These addresses are then provisionally reserved for current payments. If payment expires or is completed, addresses will be removed from the reservation and may be reused in the future. In general, the higher the amount of your day’s payout on the gateway, the less likely you are to receive a duplicate address.

iMiner api output guide

The output of all payment services web services includes a fixed and fixed model, with the output value in the result field:

Field Name Required Field Type Description
hasError boolean * An error occurred if true
errorMessage string
Error message occurred
errorCode number
Error ID number
result object / value
This field is null if an error occurs

Given the table above, the possible values ​​for errorCode and its related explanations are described in the following table:

ErrorCode value Description of the error
0 Internal error occurred
1 The recipient’s signature is incorrect or the recipient is not verified
2 The values ​​sent are incorrect
3 The tracking code entered is incorrect
4 Payment is not in final condition
5 Payments have already been approved by the recipient
6 token payment is wrong
7 Payment expired or canceled
8 payments closed
The internal structure of the pocket has been multileveled since version 2 and added to the system as the following queens. The status of the queens and their code is described below. Note that you only use the following code to make a payment:
Status Title Code
btc Bitcoin enabled
tbtc Bitcoin Active Sheet Test
ltc light queen enabled
tltc light quit test sheet active
yttrium eth coming soon
xrp ripple coming soon
bch bitcoin coming soon
xmr monroe coming soon

You can use the following links to use the notes test:

Link title
Bitcoin Test Net
Light Quinn TestNet

Payment is made when a payable quota is inserted in the coins field when making a payment. For example, if you enter the btc / ltc / bch value in the field on the payment creation web service, 3 addresses will be generated on 3 different queries. The amount of each of these queens is also adjusted according to the value field that is the bitcoin unit. Now the payer can choose between 3 different queens and complete the payment using only one queen.

Payment Status Table
Payment in IMMiner can have several situations, the code and its meaning are described in the following table:
Payment Status Code Description
01 Initial Status
Pending transaction
Waiting for the network to receive a receipt
The transaction in the pocket is finalized
05 Payment expires or is canceled by the user
06 Amount paid less than requested (Payment refund)
07 Amount exceeded amount requested (refund)

These states are available in the DataImages section of the Payment Services web site in the stateId field.

Take the api with the information listed on our contact page.

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