Bitcoin Evaluation Chart

Bitcoin Evaluation Chart

How much is Bitcoin worth today? The price of Bitcoin at the time of writing is 774/1373. What was the value of a bitcoin in 2010?

The price of Bitcoin in 2010 did not rise above the price of $ 1. It was priced at just 39 cents a year. But today you see that the price of Bitcoin has reached more than $ 8,000.

What determines the price of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin prices are measured against Fiat currencies or US dollars or Chinese yuan. Thus (BTCEUR) is superficially similar to any symbol traded in foreign exchange markets.

But unlike Fiat, there is no official Bitcoin price. Only the different price-based averages of global exchanges, the Bitcoin average, are the two indicators that report the average Coinpesk price. It is natural for Bitcoin to trade with any single exchange at a slightly different price than the average price.

What determines the price of Bitcoin?

Supply and Demand

A general answer to “Why this price?” Supply and demand. Price discovery occurs at the meeting point between buyer demand and seller supply. By adapting this model to Bitcoin, it is clear that most of the supply is controlled by primary acceptors and miners.

Offering: Inspired by the rarity of gold, Bitcoin was designed to offer a fixed 21 million coins

Demand: This bitcoin price is rising despite several high inflation, and that in the past when the rewards were very strong. Every day buyers get thousands of coins that are offered by miners and other sellers. They attract.

A bitcoin wallet can be much more secure than a bank account

– Market manipulation

There will be no discussion about the price of bitcoin without mentioning the role of market manipulation in increasing price volatility. At the time, the important Bitcoin exchange and GOX leader was the undisputed market. There are a lot of big exchanges today, so a bad exchange can not have a big impact on the price.


The main risks of decline

Bitcoin is a pilot project as well as a high-risk asset. There are many negative price effects. The most important of which is the fundamental legal risk of banning the government from carefully regulating jobs between Quinn. The tightening of the Bitcoin network in various development paths is also something that could weaken the price. Eventually, the emergence of a reputable competitor, perhaps with the backing of major banks, could pull Bitcoin out of its current position in the future.

Strange prices

Sometimes the exchange rate may be quite different from the consensus price, as it was for a period before the stable GOX in the mountains. BTCUSD, meanwhile, traded at about $ 330 in other exchanges in mid-November 2015. And the transactions were later reversed. Such incidents are sometimes caused by human or software error in exchanges. After all, Bitcoin is worth what people buy and sell. It is often as economical as human psychology. Don’t let your emotions dictate your actions in the marketplace. This is the best solution by setting a strategy and adhering to it.

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