Bitcoin mining site

Bitcoin mining site

If you are one of the many people who want to invest on cryptocurrency mining, you have two ways in front of you; either to buy huge mining rigs and hardwares and all the necessary equipment or to sign contracts with mining companies to mine bitcoins on behalf of you. In the latter case, there are many scams and we cannot trust every company that promises us to provide the best service and profit. In order for you to make a proper choice between the many mining sites and companies, we have listed the best and most trusted companies around the world.

If you rely on a secure service and site, you can mine cruptocurrencies in a legit way, without hardware and quickly. The main problem with this type of investment is to make a good decision choosing a reliable site.

Top 10 best cloud mining sites 2020 :

1 HashFox: The New Cloud Mining Website with Mining Insurance [95% RECOMMENDED]

This new cloud mining site lets you purchase the mining rigs hosted by them. This is in addition to the purchase of certain amounts of bitcoins. It works like this: you buy the mining rig, but it doesn’t come home. It will be hosted in a mining farm and qualified technicians will take care of maintenance. Prices to purchase hashrates start at $ 49 per 1 / TH with an annual contract. You can also rent a mining rig from a remote place.

2 NuVoo: the best and most profitable Canadian Bitcoin Cloud Mining site [95% RECOMMENDED]

Nuvoo is a Canadian cloud mining company that mine Bitcoin in cloud without hardware and no maintenance costs. This is possible because NuVoo depends not only on its own miners located in the Canadian territory, but also on the private miners who are paid by NuVoo. Currently there are significant offers, starting at $ 4,2 for a standard contract. The duration depending on the contracts signed may be 12 or 20 months, the maintenance costs vary depending on the subscription period. Nuvoo also offers free newsletters that you can read to know more about cryptocurrencies.


  1. Genesis Mining: one of the most trusted sites to mine cryptocurrencies in cloud [90% RECOMMENDED]

Another equally reliable site is Genesis Mining. It is one of the main sites of Cloud Mining and without a doubt it is the most reliable along with NuVoo, CCG, and Hashing24. Genesis Mining is considered the largest bitcoin cloud mining due to the large number of customers and the equipment they have built in Iceland. Bitcoin Mining starts from $ 139/3THs. It has a well maintained website and the social networking pages linked to the site are always updated.

Hashflare: to mine Ethereum reliably and safely [90% RECOMMENDED]


  1. Hashflare cloud mining company

Hashflare cloud mining is a service that offers different packages and allows you to mine ethereum at very low prices, including 1.4$ at this moment. As a positive aspect, it has been working continuously for many years, in addition its servers are very fast and it has an updated panel every 24 hours that shows the fraction of extracted currency. If you have not yet begun to mine ethereum or want to diversify your investment strategy, this is undoubtedly one of the best options. In addition, what should not be overlooked: Hashflare, guarantees immediate payments: usually, in a few minutes the transfer is made to your wallet. Hashflare has a very fast support service and the portal is very easy to use.


  1. 5. Hashing24: An other Alternative [60% RECOMMENDED]

The service is tested. the payments are punctual and it is possible to start with 20$ packages. It’s after the others website for two reasons: 1. The site isn’t so much intuitive 2. It’s possible to mine only BTC.


  1. CCG Mining: the best site where you can buy Mining Rigs, it also has a Cloud Mining Service.

CCG mining operating in the sector for many years. The site is very reliable, the prices are quite affordable and the company, based in London, has a team of professionals that offers a range of services, including mining rigs sale and cloud mining contracts. Once you have entered the CCG Mining price page, you can choose what to buy (Mining Rigs or Cloud Mining Contracts), you can also select custom plans. The prices are really good compared to other companies.





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