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Contact iMiner | Contact Us

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Contact iMiner: Stay in touch with iMiner experts 24/7; Please call only through the inserted phones for your desired unit. You can only visit in person at the Turkish headquarters in Antalya and stay in touch with us by phone at the Turkish headquarters.

We congratulate you the users who will soon be launching Miner Service in Iran; This service will allow you to host your own private mine in the well equipped and licensed iMiner Farm in Karaj; Half an hour a week will also be possible for miners to attend!


iMiner Contact Phones

US: +1 (310) 728 49 26

Canada: +1 (416) 548 78 82

Turkey: +90 (242) 900 18 32

Russia: +7 (499) 609 24 20

Ukraine: +38 (094) 712 24 20


Email Addresses of Departments of the iMiner





Direct contact with expert in WhatsApp

WhatsApp number: +90 (522) 683 85 83

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