Extract bitcoins from home computer

Extract bitcoins from home computer

Hello and welcome to your bitcoin mining tutorial, where we are going to cover how to set up a bitcoin mining computer. Fortunately, our method is for you to extract bitcoins at home, so you don’t need hardware (ASIC).

do not have one. And you can mine your computer.

So in the most basic scenario, you don’t really have enough PC mining. Turn on the PC you already have, install one of the mined apps from the web. And you can start bitcoin mining.

What you need to build a Bitcoin mining computer

  • 1- Motherboard: Every computer needs a motherboard and a mining device is no exception to this rule. You can buy it at a good price and upgrade it in the future.
  • Ram: If you want to use multiple synchronous graphics processors, choose a 1GB DDR4.
  • 3- Power supply: This case should not be cheap and of low quality. You want a quality, sustainable power supply that allows you to work 24 hours a day on your mine.
  • 4 – Graphics card (GPU): The more power, and the less power to use electricity, it will certainly be more economical for you.
  • Hard Disk: You can choose a cheap hard drive. We will introduce you to the SSD, which will bring more stability to your computer.
  • 6- Accessories: Mining rigs do not need peripherals to work. If you already have your keyboard, mouse, and monitor at home, you can borrow them when setting up your mining programs and then separate them.

Bitcoin processor extraction

The CPU is by no means suitable for mining for most people, as most of these processors are very slow when working with the mine, but there are CPUs that perform better than their predecessor in extracting bitcoins. have.

Why Bitcoin Mines Use GPUs.

We have already mentioned a very good reason. And this is scalability. Able to join several strong factors for each semi-serious mining GPU operation.

GPUs have significant differences from CPUs. It is good at solving complex tasks as well as moving between them. On the other hand, the GPU consists of many more cores.

Finally, we introduce some of the most popular digital base currencies.

Zcash (ZEC)

A digital currency with a focus on privacy was launched in 2016 through the Bitcoin protocol code. It has a lot to do with bitcoin, like ALTCOIN, which uses a limited supply of 21 million coins and a consensus algorithm.


In early 2019, cryptography became more widespread with the prediction of a wider community. Gtin’s main focus is on privacy and scalability, which aims to achieve consensus through the use of the Mimble wimble enhancement algorithm.


It is a relatively new currency that has grown in popularity over the past year, as does Bitcoin, which uses a proof-of-business algorithm to validate transactions.


If you have the knowledge and knowledge to use mining tools, this is possible at home, but in the meantime, laptops are not suitable for mining and heat up quickly. If you use such a cooler, use it.

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