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mining software

You might think that the only way to extract cryptocurrencies is to get expensive hardware or join the extraction pools, but there is another way to do that, and that is to use extraction software. Join us to learn more about these applications.

Bitcoin mining software

As we mentioned, some people are looking to use mining software on their phones instead of using high-end mining devices. Of course, the important thing about these softwares is that they are not very affordable. Unfortunately, for iPhones and iPads, the number of software available is very small, and the same number are not as good as Android versions and do not have a high score.

How much does it cost to mine with a mobile phone?

It seems that using extraction software is more economical than buying expensive extraction devices, however, there are costs that you should be aware of at the beginning. The extraction process consumes a lot of electricity, and a lot of pressure is put on your mobile phone or tablet during this process, which can shorten its life. You also need to consider the cost of buying Internet packages, because if you want to use home Wi-Fi Internet, your mobile phone will no longer be able to be moved.

It is economical to mine with mobile
Due to the high power consumption of mining operations, the cost of purchasing internet packages and the low processing power of mobile phones, mining operations with extraction software are not very economical. Although mobile phones and tablets are technically advanced, they still don’t seem to be good competitors to the traditional mining method. However, we want to introduce two practical examples for those who are interested in using these applications.

Droid Miner

This software has the power to extract all digital currencies that use the script algorithm. The download price of this application is $ 0.99 and it has been downloaded over 10,000 times. But the downside of this software is that the comments about it are not very positive and its score is about 3 stars. Miners believe that using devices such as tablets can only produce 1 megabyte. Also, many people believe that this software will drain the device’s battery in a very short time.


Users believe that this software works better than the previous introduced program. It has a rating of about 3.8 stars and has been downloaded more than a million times. There is no charge for downloading this extraction software. Electronics is actually a digital currency, and many users have managed to extract it using this program.


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