Important points when buying a bitcoin mining device

Important points when buying a bitcoin mining device

A bitcoin mining machine is usually expensive, so it’s important to pay close attention to its features when buying and measure its suitability. Of course, we can’t say that a particular extraction machine has the highest profitability for all conditions. A miner may be highly efficient in condition A but not acceptable in condition B. In this article, we’ll look at some of the things you need to know when buying a bitcoin mining device.

Features of bitcoin mining device

It can be said that the best bitcoin mining machine is the one that has a long life and a quick return on investment. Rapid return on investment means that the device will soon be able to cover not only its own costs but also the costs of extraction. Hash power is a measure of the performance of a miner. Hash rate is the speed at which a device manages to solve a hash to receive a reward. In the bitcoin mining process, the blocks containing the approved transactions must be hashed before being added to the Chinese block. The higher the hash rate, the higher the amount of bitcoins that the device can extract. Power consumption is also a factor that should not be hidden. If the power consumption of a device is too high, you will have trouble turning it on. Note that the bitcoin mining device should not be stored in a hot place and should operate in a low temperature environment. At the same time, the dust will ruin these miners like any other electronic component and increase their depreciation.


Introducing the best new miner devices

  • Bitmain Antiminer S17

BitMiner S7 Plus bitcoin is the flagship of the bitcoin company. The company is the largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining devices. The hash power of this device is 73 TB per second and its power consumption is 2920 watts. The dual heat transfer technology in this miner has greatly improved its temperature and sound.


  • Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro

Prior to the launch of the 17 Plus, the 17 Pro was the best bitcoin mining device. The hash power is 53 TB per second and the power consumption is 2090 watts. Like the 17 Plus device, it can be launched in three modes: low consumption, normal and turbo.


  • TInnosilicon 3 52T

This device is one of the new generation of Inosilicon miners. Its hash power is 52 TB per second and its power consumption is 2100 watts. Many miners buy this miner on credit from Inosilicon.


  • WhatsMiner M20S

The device entered the market as another serious competitor to Bitcoin miners. The low price and high power of this device is a great competitive advantage for it. The M20 has 68 power surges and 3360 watts of power consumption. This miner is used on a micro and industrial level, but still does not reach the feet of ant miners.

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