Introducing the best bitcoin mining pools

Introducing the best bitcoin mining pools

There are many features to consider when joining a bitcoin mining pool, including pool size, fee, pool credit, payment method, etc. You do all the research to be misused by fraudsters. Don’t take it. Here are some bitcoin mining pools.

bitcoin mining pool.BTC.COM is one of the largest mining pools it is currently owned by bitcoin mining.the fee that this bitcoin extraction pool receives is 15% before launching the pool in 2016 it was known for its wallet swrvices and its block chain probe.this pool is currently the highest hash rate among the bitcoin mining poolsthis pool is a kind of payment per share.

the cost of harvesting this pool is low, but the transaction  fee in terms of deposit.recently lranians have had trouble joining this pool.


Ant Pool is one of the most well-known and reputable bitcoin mining pools. This pool, like the, is run by Bitcoin. Creating an account at the end of the money is free. The fee for this extraction pool is 1 to 4 percent. Your hash revenue and rate can be viewed through the user panel. Money has many security policies, including two-step authentication, wallet lock, and email alerts. Since the operators of and Antol are the same, Iranians also have difficulty accessing this pool.


the F2 currency is located in china,and it is one of the first bitcoin mining pools.the pool was launched in 2013.and with  10.8 of the total hash power of the bitcoin network , it ranks third in the worlds mining pool.the fee for this pool is 2.5% it is deposited automatically and daily.

And the minimum withdrawal is 0.005 bit addition to bitcoin F2 pool also supports the extraction of currencies such as ligh coin ,zee cash and atrium.

unlike other chinese and english pools the languge of this pool is unders tandable.the good thing aboout it is that lranian users are allowed to use the pool.

Slush Pool

Slash Pool is the first bitcoin mining pool to open in 2010. The pool is managed by Satoshi Labs Waqia in the Czech Republic. Satoshi Labs is also the maker of the Treasury hardware wallet. The pool’s reward method is based on points. This reward system is a way to keep miners loyal. Prior to registering and logging into the system, the pool provides users with a trial account to learn the basics of Bitcoin Slash Pool Extraction Pool. The environment of this pool is very user-friendly and provides useful information.

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