Introducing the Dodgecoin currency

Dodgecoin currency

Dodge coin was originally created for entertainment. But today it has become a large cryptographic community. But how an internet joke became a big encrypted network is a topic that we’ll cover below.

The origin of Dodge coins idea

It all started in 2013. When Jackson Palmer, the product manager and data analyst at Adobe in Sydney, Australia, decided to joke about digital currencies. His joke was that the number of digital currencies was increasing day by day. So Palmer tweeted, “Invest in a new digital currency called Dodgecoin.” “This cryptocurrency has the potential to become one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world.” But the fact was that Dodge coin had no external existence!

From jokes to reality

In December 2013, Palmer created a site called Dodge coin. On the home page of this site, there was a photo of a coin with the image of a dog engraved on it. A text on the site also stated that he could contact Palmer if he intended to turn Dodge Quinn’s joke into reality. At the same time, American programmer Billy Marcus was building his own exclusive digital currency. He contacted Palmer after meeting Dodge coin by chance.

The birth of the real Dodge coin

Marcus’s call to Palmer Dodge coin was made in collaboration with the two based on Bitcoin blockchain code and similar mining. On December 25, 2013, the first robbery took place for Dodge coin. Millions of Dodge coin were stolen from Dodge Walt’s wallet during the robbery. Dodge coin finally hit the market in January 2014 and quickly gained huge popularity. Dodge coins market value reached $ 60 million a month later. Even on this date, for a short time, Dodge coins trading volume surpassed that of Bitcoin.

Dodge coins goal

Every digital currency must have a purpose. Dodge coins goal was set a few months after he started working. Dodge coin is an online currency for paying bonuses to internet activists and charities. The same goal helped Dodge coin attract more fans. Despite its technical problems, this digital currency is highly supported on the Internet. Some Dodge coin fans are so passionate about the Ramzars that they have embossed all of their home and personal accessories.

Some features of Dodge coin

Dodge coun is not expensive. The reason for this is the unlimited supply of Dodge coin. There is no limit to the number of coins available on this digital currency. So they are less expensive than other digital currencies. Not many developers are currently working on Dodge coin. And the progress of its technology is completely unknown. It has also been a long time since there has been a major update on the Dodge coin Gate Hub.

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