Is it Atrium that is leading the market instead of Bitcoin?

Is it Atrium that is leading the market instead of Bitcoin?

Atrium Ramzarz is the No. 2 digital currency market. It is the atrium that guides the altequins. When the price of atrium rises, it is usually followed by altcoins. Now we want to look at whether Atrium is the market leader in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin or Atrium?

As we said, altcoins are affected by atrium. But it is often assumed that when investment in the digital currency market increases, the value of bitcoin will increase faster than that of altcoins. But when the amount of capital available in the market decreases, the Altquins thrive. That’s what makes Bitcoin the leader in the cryptocurrency market.

The price of Atrium determines the total market movement

There is a belief that Atrium determines the overall market movement. As the price of ether rises, so does the price of other digital currencies. And when the price of ether goes down, the price of other cryptocurrencies also goes down.

Ether leadership

The price of Atrium and the total investment in the cryptocurrency market are positively correlated. That is, if one of them increases, the other also increases. This idea was expressed by an analyst and is interesting to many. Because the consensus is that bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that guides the market. However, a review of the relevant charts in this regard shows that at this point in time, it is the Ether that is leading the way. When the market capitalization is increasing, it is better to buy ether. Conversely, when capital is leaving the cryptocurrency market, we need to sell our ethers.

Comparison of ether and cryptocurrency market

Here, whenever we say atrium, it increases, that is, it increases faster than bitcoin. The same is true when we say that atrium decreases. The charts provide the following information from the cryptocurrency market:

  • January 1, 2019: Ascending capital market and declining ether
  • June 26 to September 5: Declining capital market and declining atrium
  • September 5 to November 5: Declining capital market and rising ether
  • November 5, 2019 to February 20, 2020: Capital Market and Atrium Both up


Since the beginning of 2019, there has been a positive correlation between Ether and the capital market over two periods. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s better to keep Ether than Bitcoin. When market capitalization declines, the price of atrium drops faster than bitcoin. Also, when market capitalization is rising, buying Atrium is more profitable than Bitcoin. Of course, we are not sure that this relationship will be right in the future. As a result, if the current situation continues, it is the price of Atrium that determines the direction and trend of the market, not Bitcoin.

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