Is it possible to extract bitcoins with a computer?

Is it possible to extract bitcoins with a computer?

In answer to the question of whether it is possible to extract bitcoins with a computer, I must say that it is better to consider the answer as no. Of course, this does not mean that extracting bitcoins from a computer has always been impossible. These days, many people are investing in the bitcoin market, and bitcoin mining has become more popular. Many of these people want to know if they can start mining with their laptops. So we need to deal with this in detail

History of bitcoin mining

In 2009, when the digital currency Bitcoin first came into use, the most common way to extract it was to use regular computers. Even this type of mining was done until 2012, and early miners got their bitcoins in the same way. Over time, GPU processors came on the market, replacing CPU microprocessors. Shortly afterwards, E-Cyc devices evolved to extract bitcoins. So we realized that over time, the role of laptops and home computers in extracting bitcoins became less and less. If at the beginning of the work anyone anywhere in the world could confirm the transactions of the Bitcoin network with a laptop and receive a reward.

Laptop extraction software

If you still want to extract bitcoins with your personal computer with all that we said, you can use the following software. Of course, these softwares have no guarantee that they will be profitable. And now you know why!

CG Miner

CG Miner was created more than 6 years ago and is compatible with all operating systems. The software environment is grammatical and textual, and supports extraction pools and countless devices.


The bit mining pool has been operating since 2011. The goal of this software was to make it possible for everyone to extract bitcoins.

PFG Miner

PFG Miner software is for Aikic hardware. Features include overclocking, display temperature of many devices, and the ability to connect to multiple bitcoin mining pools.

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