Pi DigitalCurrency Extraction

Pi DigitalCurrency Extraction

The first digital currency leg can be extracted with a phone. This is a claim made by digital currency makers. Before the network, there were cryptocurrencies that we could extract with the phone (regardless of sufficient profitability). But what is the difference between digital currency and previous cryptocurrencies? How likely is it that this project will be scammed?

White Piper is a digital currency

If you want to find out the details of this project by examining the White Piper of this project, I must say that you should not try in vain. Instead of examining the details of the project and introducing users to its features, Wright Piper has discussed the details of the project. The developers have mostly tried to compare their cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin. This large comparison makes it impossible for them to provide the features of the network. Maybe it’s intentional. Because not talking about details is one of the features of Scum projects.

Strange claim

No precise information is available on the digital currency and its mining process. It is only mentioned that you can extract it by installing the mobile application. No internet usage, no battery consumption! Technically, every Chinese block needs a network. The Chinese blockchain, which operates on a global scale, is usually on the Internet. So how do you get started without an internet connection?

Who are the project developers?

Nicolas Cocalis, Cheng Diao Fan and Vincent McPhillippe are the developers of Networks. Cocalis is a PhD student at Stanford University. He works in the field of blockchain and decentralization. His personal page on LinkedIn, as well as his page on the Stanford website, does not name Arzdi Digital. So it is unlikely that his name has been misused. Fan and McPhillipp did not have a page on the university’s website. The two pages on LinkedIn also do not indicate professionalism.

Networks foot extraction software

There is a digital currency extraction software on Google Play and it has been downloaded more than three million times. Of course, the availability of this software in Google Play does not indicate its validity. It has happened many times that malware has been placed on Google Play and then deleted. Even a large number of downloads should not please us. Ignorant people may have downloaded the software to make a profit. Without having enough information about it.

Is the test harmful?

You may think that because you don’t need capital to invest in this project, there is no harm in trying. But I must say that it is true that you do not spend money, but fraud is not always stealing your money. You give your project time, personal information and hardware to the project. In return, you only get a number that increases but has no value. At present, we do not have a proper understanding of this project and its developers. So it is not wise to help them achieve their goals.

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