Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What is Cookie Usage?

Use cookies in privacy: When you visit a site, the site may need to store some information for various reasons.

One way to store information is to have the site server ask your browser to keep it.

Which of your personal information is stored in iMiner?


When registering with the system your email address will be registered as your system username; We will use this email address to contact you and send you notifications and necessary notifications; Your email address will not be published anywhere, and we promise not to spam you.

Cookies – Privacy

Cookies have been used for parts of the iMiner user panel; That these cookies will be stored in your browser; These cookies will be held until you sign out of your User Panel.

IP address

Your IP address will be stored in the system to prevent and track security; Each time you log in your new IP system will be logged in and if you change the IP you will need to log in again.

Privacy protection

All of the above, as well as other features we have, including your personal profile, income, capital, etc. will all be kept private; Under no heading will any data be provided to any person or entity; If you wish, we will erase all your data from the server permanently. Obviously, requesting this item is subject to the absence of an active service and closing of the financial book accounts.

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