What is rig mining or extraction equipment?

rig mining

Mining rigs are called extraction equipment. This rig may be equipment that can only be used to extract digital currencies, or it may be a computer that can be used to do other things. This computer system can perform all extraction operations. Digital currency mining hardware is divided into three categories. The first thing you need to do to choose hardware is to review the following points.

Hash rate of extraction equipment

Hash rate is the hardware power that processes information. Different hash extraction equipment has different rhythms. If you put together a number of extraction hardware, the processing power increases. The higher your hash rate, the more likely you are to be able to extract a block.

The heat and sound created by the extraction equipment

If you use your computer a lot, you will see that it gets hot after a while. Extraction equipment works for a long time and with maximum power. So it’s only natural that they produce a lot of heat. So to cool the device, you need ventilation, which itself has a separate cost and power consumption. Measures have also been taken to reduce the noise of mining rigs. For example, some mining equipment is insulated with special oil to reduce their noise.

Power consumption of rig mining

As we mentioned, the extraction equipment consists of powerful hardware that processes information. These devices, like other electronic devices, consume a lot of electricity, especially if they are operating at maximum power. One way for miners to reduce electricity costs is to set up mining equipment in areas where electricity is cheaper.

Price of mining devices

In addition to all the extra costs involved in extracting digital currencies, you should also consider the cost of purchasing extraction equipment.

Extraction hardware

Extraction hardware falls into three categories. 1- GPU graphics cards 2-Programmable digital integrated circuit (FPGA) 3-Complex circuits with special application (EC)

Extraction with GPU

The weakest equipment for extracting these are personal computers. You can enhance your computer by adding graphics hardware such as a GPU hash rate processor. But even with that, you won’t be able to compete with specific mining devices.

Programmable valve array in place

By buying FPGA chips and putting them in your mining equipment, you can perform better than GPU. These chips are customized for digital currency extraction. The processing power and power consumption of a chip is good enough, but you can still use more than one chip in your rig.

Complex circuit with special application

E-devices are specifically designed to quickly extract digital currencies at lower power consumption. The production of these chips is time consuming and expensive, but they have a very good speed.

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